2019 WDC AL European Championship

The DPA, under new Chairman Mr. Mark Lunn, organised the 2019 WDC AL European Championship in the world famous Empress Ballroom of the Blackpool Wintergardens. The Championships took place over the three days before the commencement of the 2019 Junior Blackpool Dance Festival.

Nice n Easy Dance Studios couples came in force to the event after massive preparations at our studio and at Bournemouth Collegiate School with our intensive dance training camp.

Nice n Easy Dance Studios “New European Champions” Max & Olivia

European Champions Junior U14 Ballroom 2019
β™• 2019 Junior U14 European Champions Maxim Morris & Olivia King β™•

More Finalists from Nice n Easy Dance Studios in Blackpool..

From Juvenile through Junior to Youth
2019 European Championship Junior Finalists & British Open VW Finalists
✯ Mark Chilcote & Ilinca Badic with teachers Warren & Kristi Boyce ✯
2019 British Open Jive Juvenile Finalists
❀ Nathan Storey & Olivia Smorga with Sarka Brock, SSD & NNE ❀
2019 Double European U21 Latin & U19 Latin Finalists
♦️ Glenn-Richard Boyce & Caroly Janes ♦️

Finally Nice n Easy Dance Studios would like to congratulate Managing Director Mr. Michael Williams and Junior Blackpool Festival Organiser Mrs. Sandra Wilson for two more hugely successful events at the Blackpool Wintergardens!

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