ISTD Medal Examination Day at the studio

Jill Bush
ISTD Examiner

Another full day of ISTD Examinations are taking place at Nice n Easy Dance Studios today. ISTD Examiner Jill Bush had been selected by ISTD HQ and we welcomed this knowledgeable and wonderful lady back today and keep fingers crossed that everyone is able to perform to their best.

The first students entered 8am and the day is in full swing. Wishing everyone good luck today!

Thank to all parents for supporting your children and congratulations to these wonderful students. The Nice n Easy Teaching TEAM was in full force today, with some of the current world’s best dancers partnering these future stars. Thank you teachers!

Once all results, certificates and trophies have been received, you can look forward to another ISTD Medal Presentation Gala, watch this space and our Facebook events page for dates!

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