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We have a dedicated team of choreographers with a wealth of knowledge and experience to help and assist you with every aspect of your First Dance.

Learn to dance your special dance to cherish

Whether it’s a romantic Rumba, a tantalising Tango or your favorite “Dirty Dancing” moment, our choreographers are there every step of the way. We offer a free consultation, whereby we meet up with you and get to know you a little better. We have a chat about your song choices, your venue and your ideas to get a clearer picture as to what you want from your First Dance.

The evening reception is an important part of your wedding day. It is the time to relax and celebrate your marriage with your friends and family. However, for many brides (and grooms) it is the part they feel most apprehensive about. Why?  Because it starts with the first dance.

Getting up and dancing in front of everyone you know, with all eyes on you can be a nerve wracking experience but it doesn’t have to be so. We think you should enjoy your first dance and we can help you to prepare for this important moment, making it a memory that you treasure for years to come – not an embarrassment you try to forget..

We can choreograph routines to any music, in any style you choose whether it’s a romantic waltz or a romantic rumba. We can help you create your first dance routine taking into account important factors such as your wedding dress, the size of your dance floor and your chosen music.

First dance lessons are done on a one 2 one basis so you and your partner have the full time and attention from our experienced dance instructors, see our team we have a teacher who will be perfect for you!

For a well polished first dance you can be proud of we recommend you start classes between 6 – 12 weeks before your wedding. Contact us today to check availability and book your first session.

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