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Our Story


National & World Champions! Glenn and Lynette Boyce won the first ever British National Amateur Ballroom Championship in Blackpool and the highlight of their amateur career was winning the 1975 Ballroom World Championships in Berlin Germany

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Another stellar year for the couple from Bournemouth when they added the European Championship honour to their list of titles


In 1977 Glenn and Lynette Boyce turned Professional after a very successful Amateur career which saw them winning the British National, United Kingdom, European, International and World Championships and countless other titles


In the days when EADA kept charts to select couples to represent England at all the major championships Glenn and Lynette held the record for the highest number of qualifying championships


As Professionals they won many championships including the English and All-England titles and were finalists in all the Major Open Championships


Established 1980! They purchased the Temperance Hall and with the help of their parents and friends transformed it into the Nice ‘n’ Easy Dance Studios which opened on 27th September 1980 when Lynette was six months pregnant


Their son Warren was born in December 1980 and Glenn and Lynette soon resumed their competitive career


Fate, however, had other ideas..
Tragedy struck in June 1981 when Glenn caught a virus (Guillaine-Barre Syndrome) which completely paralysed him from the neck down


He spent the rest of his life on a ventilator and their dancing was cruelly cut short. With the wonderful support of their parents Lynette continued to run the dancing school whilst making daily visits to the hospital


When Glenn came home in 1984 with nurses in attendance 24/7, Lynette often having to stand in at extremely short notice as he could never be left on his own, he continued to take an interest in the studio and particularly in Warren’s dancing when he began entering competitions as a Juvenile


On special occasions Glenn was carried up the steps in his wheelchair so that he could be part of the studio activities. He travelled by train with a team of strong friends and nurses to attend the British Championships at Blackpool. This took a great deal of organisation and co-operation. It was quite a feat!!


Glenn also adjudicated the Wheelchair Championships held in the Netherlands. This too was a mammoth task to get him and his entourage on board a plane but he had an adventurous spirit and was determined to get there


As we had our own ambulance he managed to travel to local competitions, shows, etc. We were never short of volunteers to drive him or nurses to accompany him because he never lost his sense of fun and made the most of his situation


Unfortunately, Glenn died in 1991 at the age of 42 shortly after Warren was ten years old so he did not witness Warren’s greatest achievements. He would have been very proud indeed. How proud would he now have been of his namesake and grandson, Glenn-Richard Boyce


Warren began dancing with Kristi and became British National Ballroom Champions after three weeks of dancing together


January saw Warren & Kristi win the UK Open RS Amateur Ballroom Championships at the BIC. The couple became Mr & Mrs Boyce in the Spring of 2001. Lynette became a proud grandparent later that year and Warren & Kristi became parents when their son Glenn-Richard was born


National & World Champions.. for the second generation! After accumulating the new record number of British National Championship wins for any couple (Six times doubling the previous record of three), Warren & Kristi won the World Amateur Ballroom Championships in Reggio di Calabria, Italy


World Champions Kristi & Warren moved into the Professional ranks, see their page to read all about what happened next!


Over the Easter period in 2018 Nice n Easy Dance Studios had a major refurbishment which transformed this renowned and famous dancing school into the state of the art modern luxury hall of dance that it is today.


Before his illness, Glenn had been an architect and would definitely have approved of the recent wonderful refurbishment of Nice n Easy


At the world famous British Open Championships in Blackpool Warren & Kristi chose the Invitational Team Match to announce their retirement from competitions and after standing ovations from the audience and many tears, were then asked to perform a last dance by Festival Chairman Mr. Marcus Hilton MBE


A fabulous retirement party and grand re-opening of the studio followed with many icons and legends of dance from around the world in attendance gracing the studio on a fantastic night of live music and singers and incredible demonstrations


Nice n Easy Dance Studios Warren Boyce has been invited to captain this year’s British Team in Blackpool at the Junior Dance Festival. Looking forward to working with all our new stars and prepare them for the events of 2019!