Dear loyal students and friends of Nice n Easy Dance Studios

Nice n Easy Dance Studios Logo
Nice n Easy Dance Studios Logo

Based on the latest government guidelines our physical space will be closed from tomorrow for the next little while.

However, we will exist as an online space, a space that you can invite into your homes, a space that you can create for yourself with us. We invite you to our private live streaming service via zoom for your online private lessons. For your regular group class lesson at your regular time we will be looking forward to improving your dancing over the app. It is very important still to follow our Nice n Easy Dance Studios dress code and put on your normal dancer wear when joining the class.

We’ll be up and running already for our next class on Monday with Warren & Kristi and some world class assistants! Please do continue to practice, learn and develop with us.

We’ve got a great team working on this so please give us your patience if you experience any teething issues. Download the zoom app in preparation. It works best coming though your computer screens (for a better view of your teachers), and tablets, but also works on your phone. 

Nice n Easy Dance Studios youtube 3 generation 2
Nice n Easy Dance Studios youtube 3 generation 2

Unlimited streaming is included in all our monthly memberships even for those who due to school commitments and/or location don’t have the possibility to attend all our weekly class offerings. 

If you are a new student and you’ve never visited us before in the studio and you live far away then why not use our Introductory Offer to start your streaming experience. Contact us for more details and information on Nice n Easy Dance Studios membership.

We’ll keep you informed on when we can reopen as soon as we receive new instruction and in the meantime we will use this time to refresh and improve the physical space ready for your return.

Those keeping your memberships going to support us we can’t thank you enough.  We are a small family run dance studio with a tiny team of dedicated and talented staff and we have been humbled by your continued love and support.  

See you online soon,
So much love from the NNE family!

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